The Editors of Public Governance / Zarządzanie Publiczne wish to inform all Contributors that as of issue 2(44)/2018 of the quarterly, all the texts will be published in English only. Therefore as of July 2017, the Editors will cease to accept submissions in Polish.

Public Governance / Zarządzanie Publiczne (ISSN 1898-3529, e-ISSN 2658-1116) is a quarterly published since 2007. It is intended for experts and researchers who specialise in public issues, including political decision-makers and students. It offers a forum for debates between academics and practitioners interested not only in the theoretical foundations of public governance but also in the opportunities for its practical application.

The mission of Public Governance / Zarządzanie Publiczne is to publish advanced theoretical and empirical research in public management, governance, public policy analysis and evaluation, public sector economy as well as strategic management, which reflect new developments in the methodology of social science. The editors select papers with an original theoretical background and those that discuss the results of pioneering empirical research. We are also eager to promote the interdisciplinary and comparative approaches based on qualitative, quantitative and experimental studies that provide new insights into the construction of theoretical models along with the methodological concepts in the field of public management.

The Quarterly is international in scope, which is reflected in the nature of research issues (they involve matters of interest to academic circles worldwide), the contributing authors (a significant proportion of them comes from different countries) and the composition of its Programme Board as well as the make-up of the team of reviewers (it includes international research and academic centres).

In our magazine, we adopt a unique approach to specific issues inherent in the sphere of public governance. The originality of our approach consists in the selection of both the research areas and the research methodologies.

A significant proportion of texts published by our magazine are devoted to the analysis of mechanisms of public governance at national and regional government levels, respectively, relevant to the administrative culture predominant in Central and Eastern European countries with a particular focus on the programming, implementation and evaluation of public policies. The texts:

  1. focus on problems occurring in post-transition countries which build their own public governance institutions and mechanisms, including the sphere of good governance;
  2. represent attempts at a creative transposition and adaptation of international achievements in developing original solutions in the field of public governance in post-transformation countries.

The distinguishing features of the research methodologies preferred by our magazine include:

  1. a strongly established interdisciplinary approach to the study of public governance combining research and analysis in the areas of economics, political science, management, public policy, sociology and psychology;
  2. the published texts are firmly rooted in social science theory.


ISSN: 1898-3529
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The printed journal is the primary and reference version. Both printed and online versions are original and identical.

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The quarterly is published in cooperation with the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy.

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