Call for Papers - Energy transition in the context of market, society, environment and economy



Nowadays the green economy, the low-carbon economy, the circular economy and environmental sustainability are among the most frequently discussed global concerns.

What is inextricably linked to all these concepts is the renewable energy transition, which is of great interest to sustainable energy policies aiming to the creation of low-carbon, sustainable society capable of mitigating the effects of climate change.

This Special Issue of Public Governance is devoted to the impact of the transition to a low carbon economy from the point of view of public and strategic management, public policy analyses and evaluations, public sector economy, as well as socio-economic development.

We encourage authors to submit papers that address both economic aspects of a range of environmental and energy issues and the renewable energy transition directed at meeting global energy demand in a safe, environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

In particular, the keywords include:

  • sustainable energy
  • climate change and environmental policies
  • low-carbon economic growth
  • renewable energy
  • energy policy
  • energy efficiency
  • electricity markets
  • social aspect of energy

Other topics not included in this list but relevant for the journal will be subject to evaluation.


Special Issue Editors:

Sławomir Śmiech, Guest Editor, Cracow University of Economics,
Interests: energy economics, energy poverty, commodity markets, sustainable development

Monika Papież, Guest Editor, Cracow University of Economics,
Interests: energy economics, environmental economics, energy finance, the applications of time series analysis and modelling to energy commodities markets as well as to environmental and climate problems.