Public procurement as an instrument of innovation policy


In recent years, public procurement has become a very popular topic among theorists and practitioners involved in innovation policy in many countries. The purpose of this article is to discuss and systematise procurement-related issues in the context of innovation. The article presents arguments for and against the use of public procurement in innovation policy, definitions and types of public procurement aimed at supporting innovation. The activities relating to public procurement and innovation carried out in Poland are an example of a general policy in the field of innovative public procurement or innovation-friendly policy. Public procurement for innovation or pre-commercial procurement were rarely used in the past and usually they were linked to the projects funded by the European Commission. Their importance, however, should increase in the coming years due to a growing, proactive role of the state in economic processes, including activities related to the implementation of smart specialisation strategy.


innovation; innovation policy; public procurement for innovation; pre-commercial procurement; smart specialisation

Published : 2016-02-08

Kardas, M. (2016). Public procurement as an instrument of innovation policy. Public Governance / Zarządzanie Publiczne, (35(1), 32-46.

Marcin Kardas 
Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw  Poland

ul. Szturmowa 1/3, 02-678 Warszawa


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